Piklab - IDE for PIC microcontrollers

The Sourceforge project page contains some more information such as older releases, access to the development sources, and access to the bug reporting and feature request interface.

Piklab is a fork of the project Pikdev. It supports more devices (for e.g. 10F and 30F family), programming with ICD2 (the original code is from the command-line utility lplab), programming with PICkit2 and basic debugging with ICD2; It also has a richer interface which is hopefully easier to use.

Development Sources:

Piklab sources can be browsed with the web interface and downloaded with a Subversion client.

To download the latest development sources, use the following command: svn co https://piklab.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/piklab/trunk/piklab_kde4 piklab_kde4

To download the latest stable sources, use the following command: svn co https://piklab.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/piklab/tags/PIKLAB_x_y_z_RELEASE piklab-x.y.z where z.y.z is the version.


  • Nicolas Hadacek: main author and maintainer; ICD1/2; PICkit1/2; PicStart+; debugging framework; device chooser; configuration bits generator; enhanced hex editor; support for baseline, most 18F and dsPIC family; command-line programmer; disassembly listing, sdcc, picc, pic30, and gpsim integration.
  • Alain Gibaud: author of Pikdev; main infrastructure; IDE interface; direct programmers; gputils integration.


  • Keith Baker: direct programmer support for 16F7X devices.
  • Xiaofan Chen: numerous tests of PICkit1/2 and ICD2 programmers.
  • Craig Franklin: author of gputils (disassembler and coff parser).
  • Manwlis Giannos: direct programmer support for PIC18FXX2/FXX8 devices.
  • Stephen Landamore: author of LPLAB (Microchip command-line programmer).
  • Brian C. Lane: original code for direct programming.
  • Sébastion Laoût: author of Likeback.
  • Nestor A. Marchesini: tests of PicStart+ programmer.
  • Lorenz Mösenlechner and Matthias Kranz: USB support for ICD2 programmer.
  • Minh Nguyen: USB ICD2 support for Windows
  • Mirko Panciri: direct programmers with bidirectionnal buffers.
  • Sean A. Walberg: direct programmer support for 16F676/630 devices.


  • Santiago Gonzáles; Felipe Caminos: Spanish translation.
  • Milan Horák: Czech translation.
  • Nagy László: Hungarian translation.
  • Michele Petrecca: Italian translation.
  • Alain Portal: French translation.
  • Stephan von Halenbach: German translation.


  • Debian: Miriam Ruiz (current maintainer); Stefan von Halenbach.
  • Fedora: Alain Portal.
  • Mandriva: Nicolas Hadacek.
  • OpenSUSE: Tuukka Pasanen.
  • Slackware: Gohanz